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By: sarahmol | August 09, 2017

The classic penny loafer shoe has made a huge comeback. This popular slip on - called “penny loafer” because the slots on the top were decorated with penny’s, in the 1900s – can be found on runways and in designer stores all around the world. Celebrity’s and fashionista’s have discovered the art of staying comfortable while maintaining their sass by ditching five inch heels for these versatile slip ons. The shoe, originally designed for men, has been given a new lease of life with quirky and stylish variations quickly gaining popularity.

Although there are many ways to wear them, it seems that your statement loafers are best paired with a pair of denim jeans. Here are a few loafer/denim combos that are sure to inspire you!

The boyfriend jeans

Team your basic leather loafers with a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans to nail the trendy androgynous look. Dress this up with a tailored blazer for a more feminine approach. Or, if you’re after the tomboy style, dress it down with an oversized jersey.

The skinny jeans

Ultra-hip metallic loafers teamed with a pair of tight fitting skinny jeans and a statement tshirt is sure to keep you on trend, this season. Add a funky, matching denim jacket or a zip-bedecked leather jacket and you’re ready for a night on the town.

The frayed jeans

One of this season’s hottest denim trends are distressed or torn jeans. Pair your torn denims with a pair of nude loafers, a white tshirt, red lipstick and a lot of attitude! Suede or patent leather loafers and a fab trench coat will add even more dynamic to this look.

The denim jumpsuit

Add a pair of basic loafers to your jean dungarees to create the perfect lazy Saturday look. Compliment the duo with a casual t-shirt and a summer hat, and you’re all glammed up and ready to hang out. Or, if you’re keen on a more sophisticated look, team the jumpsuit and loafers with a bright blazer and matching handbag and you’re good to go.

Denim shorts

Penny loafers are perfect all-weather shoes! In summer add a pair of white loafers to your Daisy Duke denim shorts and strappy top for a saucy look. Want to go nautical? Replace the strappy top with a striped t-shirt, add a pair of oversized sunglasses and you’re ready to set sailing, Captain!

The relaxed fit denims

Turn the pipes of your easy fit denim jeans up and pair them with a pair of pointy-toe loafers and a statement neck scarf, for an unusual twist. Go retro by adding a large pair of spectacles or give it a more vintage look by wearing the scarf turban-style on your head.

Capri jeans

Bold, fur-covered or printed loafers need to have a show of their own! Make sure to couple them with a pair of capri jeans and a plain tshirt in Summer or a crew neck sweater for those chillier days. If you’re on the move, make sure to take your statement handbag along too!

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