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Women's Loafers for Walking

Loafers are a shoe style designed without the traditional lacing or fastening. Instead, the shoes are simply slipped on your feet and it is because of it that they are also often referred to as slip-ons. They are made for women, men, and children alike, and are usually with low heels.Loafers were based on moccasins that were worn by Native Americans are are usually associated with light materials, though their styles vary greatly today. They are often very dressy too, bearing almost no resemblance to this original style. 

But, despite all that, when people hear the word loafers they generally think of the original style first. The original style was used by a Norwegian shoemaker, who made the Aurland moccasins. In the 1930’s, American shoemaking companies started manufacturing them and called them loafers.
Later, the G.H. Bass added a leather strip across the top in a typical diamond-shape cutout, and called them Weejuns. Typical loafers are very light, made out of cloth, with low heel and without a separate sole. Because of their design, they are a perfect choice for hot summer days, but can be used during other seasons in-doors. 

When we talk about walking, loafers are a great choice because of all those perks. First of all, they are light and comfy, giving your feet precisely the space they need, giving a comfortable feeling.  Secondly, the light materials allow for the airflow, letting you feet the air and breeze on your feet. The low heel is also a must when it comes to comfortable waking, there is no denying. Wearing loafers, a person can walk for many miles without feeling the pressure on their feet and reducing the risk of blisters to zero.

But, probably the best and most popular reason women like loafers is the fast and simple slip-on perk, and the fact that you can wash them literally every day. 

The usual materials used for making loafers dry fast and are by nature sustain repeated washing without any damage of change to the shoe. You can have them clean and fresh every day, and you can even walk in water with them. 

They allow the bearer to walk anywhere, feeling like you are in your home slip-ons, which is a great feeling you must admit. 
The simplicity of their design and fabrics also mean they are very affordable, which is also a great thing to add to their well rounded circle of perks. 
A stylish woman can easily have multiple pairs to go along with her favorite summer outfits. 

They can be worn on a walk to town, the countryside, or even to the beach. There really is no limit to what they can be used for. Also, if you are one of those woman that likes putting together a beautiful style with a practical design, look for alternatively designed loafers, made from other materials more resembling other shoes, and you can have the practical design and comfort, together with your beautiful style.